Structural Design Challenges

Structural design challenges such as sustainability design

systems engineering Instead of reinventing the wheel using ancient knowledge to maximize the benefits of buildings is more than environmentally friendly it’s smart business. People are more willing to trust a company that actively searches out ways to service its clients in a sustainable manner that will endure for generations to come. Moving forward into the future by not working on the same building time and time again but creating an innovative neighborhoods around the world that focus on Environmental and holistic health will keep customers spreading the word about the ethics of eco-friendly design.

It’s in the small details that matter. Charred wood acts as an insulations.Ground wells and aquifer act as a heating and cooling system. Powered systems fueled by solar and recycled cooking oils as opposed to the traditional fossil fuels that are quickly running out and create a hazard environmentally and financially being unable to predict from month to month what the rising and falling cost are. Clients need to be able to depend on future costs and rising concerns with environmental issues. Being able to address that in a safe manner gives everyone the holistic approach to building a healthy ecology for everyone.
Utilizing our ever abundant resources like hemp and bamboo is going to be absolutely essential in raising the evolution in humanity. These fibrous plants can replenish themselves in quantity without loosing quality creating unlimited potential in design from floor up to ceilings the innovative possibilities lay largely untapped.

Bamboo is strong and grows four feet a day and can grow without having to be replanted.Structural design challenges such as sustainability design. It is very inexpensive especially when compared to other building materials. When it grows it can use up to 35% more carbon dioxide than trees as well as producing 35% more oxygen than trees. It is used in flooring, walls, shades, roofs in module designs from simple to very complex. Using its stylistic natural shape to taking the fibres and reshaping them into anything. Refastened easily these pieces can be tied and retired easily to create endless structures and scaffolding. These can be made quickly especially in times of disasters creating beautiful homes to help in healing and create safety.The rate at which these need to be deployed to a majority of the world can be done safely without a lot of environmental impact.

bambooThe ability to create a living landscape can be done easily and naturally employing skill and craft can add to the architectural landscape in a modern culture absorbing the freedom of designs in unique and lasting ways. Achieving the sophisticated superior level of integrity in innovation as well as holistic health in industrial engineering.The revolution has begun.