Future of Architectural Designs

The future of Architectural designs needs to stand tall in the strength and conviction of evolution facing an uncertain future that relates to the diabolic trends of uncertainty. What we want most is effective engineering that saves the environment from this degenerative trends of most recent fails. We want to fill the horizon of our landscapes with the beauty of defining eco-friendly stability that will keep our families and neighborhoods safe. Building a sustainable practice insurers a legacy will continue to linger into the next seven generations unlike the scrap and build approach that has been the make money ethic that is destroying the earth we live on.

Galvanized steel buildingWith increasing abilities to use, reuse and rebuild and recycling the possibilities are endless. Galvanized steel building with wooden touches illuminate the most energy efficient building in Tokyo. With buildings like the Led powered Ethernet building of the Edge in Amsterdam hitting a rating of 98.36% on the BREEMAN (a method that scores sustainability) score which is the highest rating of an industrial building yet! It has over four thousand sq.feet of solar panels for natural heat and energy to power all of their electricity. That’s not all there is a 15 story atrium that contributes to their lighting as well as oxygen which will increase production. Most ingenious was building above an aquifer that produces hot and cold water. Adding to the old adage location, location, location.

Using nature as an inspiration for a bee hive shaped office building at One Angel place in Manchester U.K. designed by Architectural firm 3DReid. The innovation of using an open central atrium to spread light and positive energy for all to enjoy is becoming a thing to really look at. Positive meaning these buildings are producing more energy than they use.