Engineering Solution

innovative building While working on new age building it would only be fair to hit sustainability from the waste of life on up from plumbing and heating their are so many options that will blow your mind. From compostable toilets to low water toilets we really need to give thoughts to the ability to not compromise the already failing sewage systems that are putting waste into our rivers. The septic systems that are using the compost-able energies are actually the best for the earth keeping up with the building better soil for the earth as opposed to taking the nutrients from the soil and not adding to it. Several options are currently available even for the multi toilet complex.

The structure of the septic system allows for the ability of the earth to refine the waste in a productive manner that is compliant to the regulations of the government in dealing with wasted hassles. Without adding chemicals to the waterways this is the best alternative currently being utilized mostly outside of the cities because of the way it is stands now. People and chemicals tend to be destructive to this system so being able to use this kind of set up on a large scale might not be effective. For homes where one can control the usage of such a system this is amazing. Saving the guess work for homes and not housing complexes. Even diligent corporations can stand to use this system but have to really make the non chemical commitment. The efficacy of such a system has been well proven over time not necessarily being new age but time tested and effective.

Blowing us all away are the energy saving trials and tribulations that are causing this world into chaos right now. Clearly heating and powering with fossil fuels is inefficient and ineffective solution. With water catching on fire because of fracking deeming populations of water supply unusable for generations to come this is becoming the most dangerous environmentally destructive wasteland unregulated by the government. The pipelines tearing down trees and leaking toxic chemicals through thousands of acres of land into our water supplies is not the smart choice if we choose to evolve into something more than what we are as a human race. Towns such as flint are becoming the centre of investigations because of birth defects and rising populations of cancer.

innovative building With so many other choices it is clear that this is not the answer and that we as a human race can make better choices. Solar, wind and water is already part of the environment and are producing rapid results that are effective and saving the graces of countries helping us to raise the vibration of the planet to the next level of engagement. The evolution that is possible from forming a few safe habits can transform us to become more self sufficient and healthier for generations to come leading to lower healthcare costs internationally. It is going to take change on the federal levels as well as the individual levels but it can be done. With a little effort and research into what works you can be part of the solution and not be part of the problem.