Building Creative Houses

hempHemp is another abundant natural resource that is beyond sustainable. Per acre the hemp plant can grow within that acre up to four times a year where it takes twenty years for one acre of trees. Utilizing hemp you can use it for everything including but definitely not limited to concrete, walls, insulation, roofing, flooring, food and bio-mass fuel. It is actually able to reverse the greenhouse effect making it one of the most sought after building materials. Yet in America it is still in the courts as corporations fight for the synthetic reasons to hold over our heads.

As Hemp bail houses can take over contemporary designs that will ignite our nation into sustainability in a natural resource revolution. The fight about hemp as a medicine is more about what will we be able to create in design that will effectively save the planet from the ultimate destruction that is inevitable if we leave it in the hands of the corporations to tell us what crops farmers can plant. The endless possibilities that we can find within our reach are being utilized in many other countries. With the ability to create breathable, moldable plaster the shape and integrity of design is unlimited. Without environmental degradation in this process we can only just begin to appreciate that this plant is going to be the ultimate in putting environmental and holistic health into industrial engineering.

We are moving past the basics of a revolution and revolt of world bank ties to the basic understanding of environmental nature. Here lies the beginning of everything we need to build a sustainable future for the next seven generations to come. Utilizing hemp in building is naturally fire safe and resistant helping you to feel assured that you are able to protect the ones that you love.

Naturally acoustically sound proof this gives you the ability to block out the neighbors or your kids while creating a sound proof place for your own sanctuary in sustainability. All the while dramatically helping with the air quality of your house with the ability to reduce moulds and airborne toxins that happen with other building materials. Hemp create is a natural way to reduce the rat and insect population while keeping your family safe from pesticides. All this while still being the cheapest building material available on the market in most countries.

hemp house The biggest question is why haven’t we legalized this plant yet? The careful analysis is in favor of finding sustainable resources that will benefit the world while creating a safe space for our rising population in these unstable times. It is becoming not just an option but a necessary move for being able to create a lasting ecologically sound environment to raise our children and conduct businesses. Giving us the ability to build a creative and intelligent housing while saving the planet. You don’t have to plaster, or paint if you don’t want to and it is still effective in all of the above. You can use hemp stalk or fibre separation process for different effects. If legalized you can grow enough hemp to build your own house leaving out the middle man and creating your own materials. Even processing it with simple farming tools is relatively inexpensive way while being creative at the same time.