Industrial Engineering

industrial engineering Putting Environmental and Holistic Health into Industrial Engineering

With new advanced technologies developing around mechanical engineering and industrial engineering, environmental and holistic health are becoming top priority. As the evolution of our times become more sophisticated and mass consciousness is building with this new awakening of new found knowledge so are we. Time progression for leading in this industry is gaining momentum and it takes everyone’s input to evolve into the safest and best in the world we can possibly build. Ground breaking initiatives are declared on a daily basis where these technologies are new some fail whereas others lead to new and exciting progression in structural design and developments.

Architectural design

Architectural design really came to a beautiful peek a thousand or so years ago. With the building of lasting designs that stand the test of time through earthquakes and floods we really have a great scope of what works and what doesn’t. The keystone technology that was discovered really puts into place the dynamic divine design that carries a legacy.
From the Gothic cathedrals to Sofia Bulgaria temples came the most intricate designs that the world has ever known that have inspired generations to see god in Architectural design and to seek peace within the walls of places like the Sistine chapel. These places are so beautiful that even the godless come to worship. So what is the difference between those places and the ones that are built now? People don’t come around the world to see these temples that have just been built. So where is the labour of love and energy going it it isn’t going to design? How do we turn the non believers into awe inspired art lovers just by stepping inside the doors.

Greece ParthenonThe Greece Parthenon, Mayan and Egyptian pyramids they have stood timeless and become symbols of a civilization for years to come. The biggest question is what has dumbed down our building knowledge that the things we create do not last any more and are built to die within a few years? These building have sustained through fire and drought, floods and hurricanes while still being national symbols. As we evolve in our knowledge of what works we really need a history lesson on architectural designs that stand the test of time.

Another prominent natural design that needs to be investigated in more depth are the sycamore trees that have lived and grown for a thousand years. They bend and sway in the wind while standing strong together with interconnected roots system that holds them strong through all kinds of weather. It’s a living system of evolution that could be the revolution in design.